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CRM Integration


CRM integration helps your website or other applications function seamlessly together to bring data you need into one location, reducing man-hours and increasing efficiency and productivity.

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Predictive Dashboards


Achieving predictive data capabilities most often requires the integration of data from various systems due to the wider variety of informational pieces that need to be consolidated in one location for automated analysis and viewing.

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Quickbooks Integration


QuickBooks software is used by many businesses for project cost management, payroll management, invoice management, and account reconciliation. QuickBooks exposes an API for use to aid in the integration work with other dashboards and applications.

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Custom Software Company


Custom software company, Empact IT, provides the right solutions for each client need. Discuss your current software project idea with our experienced technology consultants today by calling 281-444-0900.

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Upgrading Sharepoint


Upgrading Sharepoint involves different levels of complexity depending on the version of Sharepoint your organization is currently using, the amount of storage and number of files being utilized, your organization's document retention policies, company security standards in place, and current user opinion of existing Sharepoint sites to name but a few factors.

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Mobile Web Design Services


Mobile web design services are an essential aspect of business website development now that more than 50% of all business website visitors are often viewing each site from a phone or tablet. For assistance with mobile site design and development, call Empact IT at 281-444-0900 today! Empact IT is the technology division of Employer Flexible.

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Custom Data Integration Solutions


With a focus on big data and enterprise level data integration, our data integration consultants critically analyze each challenge to ensure the right solution is suggested. Solving for mergers as company acquisitions create application disharmony is one of our many specializations. While each data source for each business tool may not be compatible at first glance, our data experts can work with your company to make the necessary connections to consolidate data assets....

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Web Design in Houston


Is your business website dynamic? Are there ways you wish you could use your business website to better serve your existing customer’s needs while continuing to reach out to new customers?...

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Latest Sharepoint Technologies – Sharepoint 2016


Microsoft Sharepoint products are continuing to evolve now with the approach of Sharepoint 2016. In fact, Sharepoint Server 2016 Release Candidate at this time in March 2016 has just been updated making Version 16.0.4351.1000 available from Microsoft for download here:

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Sharing Documents with External Users in SharePoint Online


The ability to share documents with external users is a feature many of our clients consider one of the best features in SharePoint Online. The best part is that external users don’t need a Microsoft or Office 365 account in order to access...

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Focus on Teamwork with the New Office 2016 Apps


Office 2016 is the newest addition to Office 365 and will allow you to work better than ever before with a focus on mobile apps and cloud-based productivity. Modern business productivity is no longer restricted to one physical office or device. Work teams often collaborate miles apart from different office locations, a coffee shop, airport, or hotel. Device choices for companies are no longer...

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Take Your PowerPoint Presentations Online


PowerPoint presentations are a cornerstone for business professional speaking. Chances are you have developed one for a sales meeting, an information session, or for training purposes. There are now exciting options with PowerPoint 2013 to help you share your presentations through the Internet. Whether you are giving a presentation to...

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BYOD: Three Easy Ways to Secure Your Device for Work


One of the fastest growing trends in business technology is Bring Your Own Device (BYOD). Allowing employees to bring their own devices into the office has allowed many businesses to cut IT hardware costs while gifting the freedom to cater to personal device preferences. However this business trend has resulted in...

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Healthcare Mobile Apps and Data Security


Technology is of course ever-changing and looking for ways to help improve our daily lives in the most important ways. Just look at the invention of the smartphone - it has revolutionized how we interact with the world around us. It isn’t surprising to see healthcare start to...

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How Windows 10 Can Protect Your Business from Modern Security Threats


Windows 7 was one of the most successful and widely adopted operating systems over the past five years. However, a lot of has changed since Windows 7's first release regarding protecting your business from IT security threats. The best solution for protecting your business' system...

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Most Common Types of Malware Your Company is Vulnerable to Encountering


IT Security issues are a constant worry for small to medium-sized business owners. With almost 1 million new malware threats being released daily*, malware (short for malicious software) is increasingly becoming more creative and hard to detect, even for...

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Using Document Templates and Site Content Types in SharePoint


Creating a content type for commonly used documents is one of the most powerful features of SharePoint 2013. Content types allow your documents to be organized and uniform across your SharePoint site, ensuring that all site users know...

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Productivity on-the-go with Office Mobile apps for Windows 10


Partnered with the exciting release of Windows 10, Office Mobile apps (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote) are now available for download on Windows 10 tablets. This is a major opportunity for Office 365 users by providing...

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Web Design and User Experience for Driving Business Growth


Web design and development is more than creating a beautiful website for your company. Thoughtful consideration of your site visitors’ (and potential customers) search behavior and ability to use your site is more important than...

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Ensuring Business Data Security Compliance and Management


Here at Empact IT we take data security compliance seriously. As a business you may be subject to regulations that govern how you protect sensitive data. Failure to comply with any one of these regulations can often lead to...

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Clear the Clutter in Your Outlook Inbox


Chances are you sift every morning through countless emails of various priority levels. Email software has been able to filter spam out quite well for some time now but what about those emails that aren’t spam but aren't really a priority either? How great would it be to have low-priority emails...

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Best Web and Email Practices to Protect Your Business' Network


IT departments face an unending battle against malicious software, especially in highly networked corporate environments. They’re defending attacks on proprietary data and overall threats to productivity. By developing good web habits...

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How to Use Folders and Metadata in SharePoint


Organizing content in SharePoint can become confusing because of conflicting opinions over the use of folders and metadata. Be confused no longer as we discuss both methods and how to combine them to create...

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Keep Your Company's Existing IT Hardware Costs Low


If you’re an owner of a small business, your company’s existing IT hardware may be the last thing on your mind. Afterall, it works daily, right? You only begin to notice it when tech issues arise and costs start adding up. Remember that your existing IT hardware...

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Visualize Your Data with Business Intelligence


Big data and business intelligence (BI) are popular terms used today in business operations. Often thought of as gated in the realm of massive corporations or complex industries, BI is emerging as a useful tool for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that not only want to compile data from multiple sources but also want to...

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Defining IT: A CFO's IT Services Glossary


In the many years we’ve been managing IT services for small and medium-sized businesses, we’ve learned that in most cases the CFO makes decisions, with the help of their IT guy – who translates the “geek speak” into English. So we thought it would be helpful to provide a definitive guide to IT services...

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Why Your Company Needs a Disaster Recovery Plan


Disasters happen and are almost always unexpected. Here in Texas, the threat of severe weather, tornados, and hurricanes are common natural threats to our business operations. Let’s image your company is currently running its entire business operation off of a local data-center...

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Five Most Common IT Security Issues for SMBs


Your business might not be a Fortune 500 company, major bank, or super retailer, but don't think that because your own a small to medium-sized businesse (SMB) that you are completely 'out of sight and out of mind' for being targeted by hackers...

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Four Benefits of Using Cloud Computing Services


Considering utilizing cloud computing technology for you business? Here are four best reasons you should consider taking advantage of the cloud.

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Use Microsoft Technology to Organize Your Workday


Technology tools we use every day often have more capabilities than we tend to take advantage of daily. One of the most common things we hear as IT outsourcing professionals is the phrase “I’m not sure we're utilizing our tools in the most...

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Five Signs Your Company Needs a Managed Service Provider


Sooner or later every business faces some sort of IT issue. Instead of stressing out about your company's data security or your continually crashing email client, outsource your tech issues to someone who is dedicated to IT management like a managed...

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Windows Server 2003 Migration Destinations


Time is ticking before July 14, 2015, the end-of-support for Windows Server 2003 (WS2003), and many companies are still figuring out the best solution to meet their IT needs. If your company is still among the many confused about your options, use...

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Ten Most Common IT Issues for Businesses


Businesses are a part of an interconnected system and we know how common it is for a virus to travel from business to business. At Empact IT, we believe that in order to completely manage our customer’s IT systems we need to share important...

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Why Your Network Needs Proactive Support and Maintenance


One of the biggest and most costly misconceptions that SMBs have is that their networks don’t require regular monitoring and maintenance, usually because they’ve been fortunate enough to have never encountered a...

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Why Your Business Should Consider Outsourcing Your IT to the Cloud


So your business wants to grow faster than your technology is allowing or you are finding your IT infrastructure isn’t flexible enough to adapt to current needs in order to allow your business to grow. What do you do? Waste costly time figuring...

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Migrate to a New Windows Server Datacenter


It’s the end of a 12-year era - Microsoft is ending all support for Windows Server 2003 on July 14, 2015, and if your company’s servers are among the 10+ million still using instances of WS 2003, now is the time to migrate. The most popular...

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