Employer Flexible

Access, integrate and understand your data.


Website Development

Interact, collaborate and share information with customers, colleagues and friends.

We build large-scale interactive sites that have the flexibility to keep up with your business' demands. We understand that you need a website that not only impresses your visitors, but gets them take action.

We code standards-compliant custom websites from the ground up using XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, ActionScript, AJAX, XML, XSLT and JQuery. 

We also offer:

Design Approach

The primary objective of any website is to clearly convey information and invoke a call to action from the intended audience. Successful implementation leads to increased customer acquisition, retention and brand awareness. To this end, we have divided our design approach into three critical areas: information architecture/usability, user experience/accessibility and page weight/load time.

Learn more about our design approach

MxB Website Analytics

By utilizing our business intelligence platform on web analytics data, we’re able to provide you with a comprehensive analysis tool for monitoring and analyzing web traffic to your site. Whether you host with us or not, MxB for Analytics can enable you to slice-and-dice through your data and find what you’re looking for.

Website Maintenance

We provide full web maintenance support for any type of system. We can assist on three different tiers.


Level 1 Production Support

Provide on-call and email support for items beyond the daily management and content updates of the site.

User and role management; modifying styles and template layout, adding new templates, installing and configuring new modules, back up and restore.

Level 2 Production Support

Provide on-call and email support for items including content updates. Client would be primary content contributor.

All items listed above, including: Edit, create, manage content including Flash and graphic elements. Manage file uploads, create PDFs, etc.

Level 3 Production Support

Empact IT would handle all day-to-day content management and graphics updates to the site. Client would need to provide scheduling and campaign direction and approval.

All items listed above, including: Full-service support from daily updates to original content generation.