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MxB Overview video

Dashboard - Executive Views

The Dashboard layer provides interactive charts, graphs and pivots that quickly present high-level information.

  • Real-time monitoring of key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Drill down through charts, pivots and tables 
  • Executive-level business reporting across your enterprise

Analysis - Explore Data

The Analysis layer goes one step deeper by putting the user in control with complete view customization, advanced filtering and sorting features.

  • Slice-and-dice data analysis
  • Combines several reports into single views 
  • Sort, filter, show and hide columns
  • Use the default templates or customize to meet your needs

Data - The Details

The Data layer is used when you need to analyze data at its deepest level. This layer lets you go granular without exporting your data into massive spreadsheets.

  • Grid view showing key facets of data side-by-side
  • Find the needle in the haystack
  • Verify data
  • No more outdated spreadsheets


Data View

The Report layer provides powerful custom report layouts through seamless integration with SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS). 

  • Integrate seamlessly to SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS)
  • Drill down to SSRS reports from Dashboard, Analysis and Data layers
  • Users get highly interactive analytics integrated with powerful SSRS reports

Explore & Build

Data View
  • Visually explore your database without any SQL knowledge
  • Full-featured SQL querying for advanced users
  • Show and hide columns in your data table for quick answers
  • Wizard-based builder to set custom filters

Data Level & User Administration

Data View

  • Secure access by defining users and roles and assigning permissions
  • Secure data down to the row level by assigning security to filter criteria
  • Administer MxB with ease