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Web Design and User Experience for Driving Business Growth

Web Design and User Experience Site Layout

Web design and development is more than simply creating a beautiful website for your company's online presence. Thoughtful consideration of your website visitors’ (and potential customers) search behavior and their ability to use your site is more important than ever to help them complete their customer journey and drive growth for your business.

It’s a given today that all companies must have a website in order to compete and drive business growth. However many companies do not take into consideration their user’s site experience when designing their website. User Experience (UX) in web design and development involves building a strategy to improve a site visitor’s ability to use your site, to improve the possibility of guiding them through your sales process (we will call it their customer journey), and to convert them into brand advocates.

How many bad sites have you encountered that caused you to either leave a site or grow frustrated because you couldn’t find what you were looking for? These experiences are the most powerful not only because they interfered with your customer journey but also because you will most likely let others know to avoid that company's site. With great and thoughtful UX, a customer won’t encounter a bad experience and is able to complete their journey with ease, which hopefully leads to driving better sales for your business.

Here are the three main reasons why website UX can help drive business growth:

Guides Customers Through Their Journey

Usability of your site is the greatest factor in determining if a customer will complete their journey. Many (if not all) users came to your site looking for something specific and they want to find it fast. Imagine you are the customer - where would you expect to find what you are looking for within a site?

A well-thought out navigation with descriptive titles is a great start. According to Kissmetrics, most business sites experience a 40-50% bounce rate (users who leave your site after only viewing the entrance page) on their homepage. This is mostly attributed to customers who could not find what they were looking for easily within the navigation.

For many B2B companies, potential customers want quick access to not only understanding where to find your services but also how to get in contact with a live person. An easy to find phone number in the top right corner is a must since over 80% of B2B sales are made through phone calls. It is also good practice to also have your company contact information at the bottom of every page as well.

Influences a Decision

E-commerce companies generally experience the most intense planning for UX. The goal is to not only help a customer find what they are searching for but to also help them complete the customer journey easily in one visit. Influencing a customer’s decision through UX involves purchasing convenience paired with easy to find reviews and recommendations.

Many customers today require reviews and ratings in order to have their decisions influenced. This is what has made sites like Amazon and Overstock so popular. How many times have you purchased something because its ratings and reviews were easily displayed versus a product that might not display its reviews or ratings so easily? Understanding where customers are most likely to look to view these ratings and reviews is extremely important for great UX.

Convenience is another factor of UX that helps influence a decision. E-commerce sites that include one-click purchasing or product suggestions from previous customer purchases are excellent features of UX for a website to consider. Having these features easily accessible have a major impact on influencing a customer’s decision to complete the journey.

Creates an Emotional Bond

This key reason involves visual design with purpose. Creating an emotional bond with your website’s user can not only help a user complete their customer journey but transform them into brand advocates.

Each web design component of your site should instill the user with some sort of emotional bond while having purpose. Minimal and clean sites tend to create a feeling of sophistication and authority for a brand. Sites with interactive elements like banner carousels or roll-over animations capture attention and work well for inciting engagement. High-resolution imagery of people are shown to create emotional bonds because users generally like to relate to your site on a personal level. These techniques provide something unique yet purposeful for pushing customers to complete their journey. 

Overall, creating a strong emotional bond through visual design will leave your customer with a lasting impression, seeing as they are most likely to remember your website's visual elements in connection to their enjoyable user experience, therefore creating a brand advocate for anyone they come across.

Remember that while aesthetically beautiful sites are important, without a well-thought out site navigation and key UX components to influence decision making, a beautiful site is simply just a beautiful site. The key is finding the right UX strategy to capture users and guide them through the customer journey to drive your business growth.

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