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IT Services | Predictive Managed IT

Step 1

IT Service Assessment

IT Services at Empact IT begin with a comprehensive assessment of your data, infrastructure and security measures.

From there, we’ll present our findings and service recommendations tailored specifically to your specific IT needs. These recommendations form the foundation for the IT Roadmap, which will guide you in leveraging technology to achieve strategic growth.

Throughout our relationship together, we’ll help you focus on making predictive, rather than reactive, technology decisions.

Step 2

IT Service Setup & Integration

Through our SMART Start onboarding program, we ease your transition to Empact IT. Our service integration team will implement our core managed IT services and monitoring solutions and provide all the necessary training to get your personnel up to speed.

Plus, you’ll have a dedicated staff of Empact IT experts to guide you throughout the integration phase. Your onboarding guides will typically include:

  • Account Executive
    Coordinates all onboarding activities, manages Empact IT personnel and serves as your primary point of contact for technical support during this phase.
  • Account Manager
    Works with your organization to develop a strategic IT Roadmap of all the initiatives you’ll need to take over the next 12 months.
  • Onboarding Implementation Manager
    Develops materials to communicate the transition internally and ensures all your team members are on the same page throughout the onboarding process.
The goal of this phase is to build up your service levels until your IT environment reaches Steady State, when all of the solutions we’ve implemented are fully secure and operational.

Step 3

IT Service Roadmap

Our core IT services form the foundation of a progressive, resilient and secure environment, but they are only part of the equation.

From the moment you start working with Empact IT, we focus on aligning IT decision-making with the goals of the business. We call it predictive IT, but it’s really just the way we work.

Together, we’ll develop a strategic IT Roadmap of all the projects that will help you move the big rocks — the core initiatives that will take your company to the next level.

When you leverage technology assets to work toward business growth, you can make a lasting impact on what matters.

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